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What clients are saying

Alecia May

Before I met Elizabeth, I was stressed out and frustrated because I had some serious business blocks. "What should I do next", and "Where to go from here"? During a call with Elizabeth, she really listened to my problems, gave me a kick in the butt that I needed, and helped re-package and re-organize my business. Within one week, I was back to business and booked 4 consultation calls and had outlined my business plans for the rest of the year. Elizabeth honestly has been a lifesaver and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who needs solid strategies for their business!

Luciana Naldi

I met Elizabeth online and before ever working with her I was drawn to the quality of questions she asked as well as how she facilitated people’s answers. She was/is able to stimulate conversation around complex ideas and subjects that engage people in really interesting and fascinating ways and her questions led me to think more deeply about my business, how I was conducting it and what I could do to improve it. As I got to know her more, I found her to be extremely generous and kind. She is always donating her expertise, her time or her money to support others, some who she’s known for years and others she’s just met.

I also really liked the fact that although she is extremely successful by almost every standard used to measure success, she continues to pursue learning and education in her field. When an opportunity to work with her became available, it was easy for me to say yes right away. During the time we spent together she looked at my business from angles I hadn’t thought of, taught me basic business principles that I could use to form long term and short term plans, helped me flush out the validity of some of my ideas and supported me as I did so. Instead of telling me all my ideas were great, which I’ve had other coaches or mentors do, she took an honest look at what I was doing and showed me how to decide if it was a good idea and move for my business as a whole.

I really enjoy and appreciate Liz as both a person and a mentor and am grateful for the opportunity to learn from her.

Amanda Scocozzo

I have followed Elizabeth for some time, and decided to invest and move forward with coaching. She was everything that I could ask for and more. She helped me see the missing pieces and throughout the process was extremely supportive.

I highly recommend working with Elizabeth if you are looking for strategy, clarity and support.

Moe AbdelAl

I’ve followed Elizabeth Sinclair’s content for sometime. Her words speak volumes and holds massive truth.You see so many online claiming the shiny objects and almost promise you that what they do is the money maker, the 7-8 figure programs. Then I found Elizabeth Sinclair and had a deep conversation with her that completely.

The next time you need to consult or being coached on business, coming from a business coach, don't think about it and talk to Elizabeth Sinclair. if you don't believe me, try it yourself.

1- Changed the way i see my company unreal thoughts about business. 
2- Bluntly crushed those
3- Gave me the confidence in my ability

Megan Hibar

In the online space, it's very easy to get lost in the haze and confusion of who actually knows what they're talking about and who doesn't.

I can say that one of the most honest, forthright, and intelligent person I've come across is Elizabeth Sinclair. I learned more from her in a little over an hour tonight than I have in multiple courses and group programs combined.

I just have to give her a shout-out as the absolute real deal. 


Hope Brookins

I help professionals build their personal brands and get confident with self-promotion. When I decided I wanted to expand to also serving clients in the traditional corporate space (think c-suite level executives), I needed a plan to enter the space.

Enter Elizabeth Sinclair. I had no reservations about working with Elizabeth because of our mutual background in politics. I also was impressed by her work around the world with royal families, high networth individuals, and Fortune 500 companies. (And it didn't hurt that I could make this plan in the gorgeous city of Marrakech.)

Elizabeth's advice was strategic, but the even greater value was being able to ask specific follow-up questions based on situations that happened in my business. Things like, "How do I structure an ongoing relationship? Retainer fee? Hourly rate? Let them choose?" I was able to trust and rely on her decades of experience to know that I was designing packages that would sell all while exploring Morocco.

After the #MarrakechMastermind I felt more refreshed and confident than I've felt in a long time. It was just the "reset" I needed!


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