october 11th - 14th 2019

If I were to ask you right now to describe your business and brand, would you use words like: 

Scaling!   Growing!   Expanding!   Lucrative!   Fulfilling!

If not, STOP wasting your money, time, and energy. Clearly, something isn’t working. You’ve wasted enough resources chasing a business goal that’s just not happening.

Until Now.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall during one of my meetings with six to eight figure business’s your chance. 

Marrakech Mastermind is your opportunity to discover actionable techniques that will transform your approach to business, strategy, marketing, and more. 

My high-leveled Mastermind is where you’ll learn how to exploit your competitive advantage in order to disrupt and lead your industry.

Are you tired of buying into an online course or membership that guarantees to quadruple your following or your income? These promises were made to convince you not to teach you how the business world actually works.

That’s why I leverage my business knowledge and client experiences as evidence of my techniques to helping you understand what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Success means something different for everyone, but success in business means only one thing. 

You’re growing or you’re closing. But, the worst of all is remaining stagnant. It’s time to get excited again about growing your business and serving your audience.

A new business mindset needs new insight, and that’s exactly what you’ll get as you travel with business owners needing answers and solutions just like you. 

Whether you’ve recently established your business or have been running it for years, Marrakech Mastermind is the ultimate business-intensive event for every stage of the game. 

What is Marrakech Mastermind?

I host Masterminds that bring together a driven group of women seeking to greatly improve their business in some of the most exciting places in the world! This year I again wanted to provide a backdrop of the most inspirational kind.

Marrakech jolts every sense from sight to scent. You will not be in your comfort zone which will be exactly where I need you in order to expand your business potential. So many opportunities await you in places you least expect!

Besides being Morocco, I’ve completely outdone this year's mastermind by including more than enough information to take your business to the next level.

Unlock the Doors of Opportunity & Growth

Take Your Business Farther Than You Imagined

Here’s How You’ll Go From Struggle to Success

In 4 days, Marrakech Mastermind will elevate business’s by :

✔️ Strategy for Growth & Scalability
✔️ Reaching Your Target Consumer
✔️ Optimizing Your Online Presence
✔️ Reforming Your Approach to Finances
✔️Determine Your Competitive Advantage
✔️ Create Your Ideal Business Model
✔️ Undo Destructive Business Habits
✔️ Shift Your Thinking

I’m Elizabeth Sinclair, business strategist, coach, and consultant with years of business experience. From multinational corporations, royal families, governments, and private individuals—I’ve used my business knowledge and skills to help my clients achieve their goals.

I have well over a decade of experience helping businesses overcome challenges, improve their strategies and achieve growth regardless of whether the company is just starting or has existed for decades.

What works, works!

I aim directly at the internal problems within your business and rewire your approach. I provide tools and techniques to last the lifetime of a business. Of course, I never forget the forces and factors of the external environment that can have an impact on a business. 

I can take you there.

While visiting Marrakech to map out an executive strategy for the business intensive, I noticed the doors to local homes and shops. Each was seemingly unique, always a different color, shade, pattern, or design. I realized how unique every business idea feels, but at the end of the day, a door is a door, a business is a business-- they open, they close.

My objective is to keep you open to new opportunities and thriving in the ones you pursue.
But doors only open when you choose to change repeated behaviors that only led to dead ends.

If you’re expecting to just take notes for 4 days...think again! My hands-on approach will have you applying strategy right away, land clients, achieve business goals, whether it’s gaining new clients or selling out your program, break into new markets, and achieve your financial goals, and beyond.

Marrakech Mastermind is about going                     to give your business the              it deserves.

all in


Take Action!

Don’t be the business owner who sees things not working as they should and does nothing.
Marrakech Mastermind is about putting you into action with strategic moves for you to implement immediately.

Some of you will only require a few smaller changes, others are in need of a larger adjustment. But, you can’t fix what’s broken if you don’t know what it is. Well, you’re in for the business analysis of a lifetime.

Why Marrakech Mastermind is the Unique Business Intensive You’ve Been Waiting For.

Turning your business around SOUNDS amazing...but what does it really mean?

⭐ Receiving top-dollar consultation from a global business strategist

⭐ Mastering the business model and strategy that’s right for you and your business

⭐ Gaining information that will transform from struggle to success

⭐ Experiencing hands-on, direct support from business experts and ditch the one-size-fits all business solutions

⭐ Walking away with tangible resources for solving current and future business challenges

⭐ Understanding social media and online marketing to reach your audience

⭐ Making lifelong connections with like-minded entrepreneurs

⭐ Taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the enchanting city of Marrakech, Morocco

❌ Uncertainty about the future or lacks direction

❌ Brand clarity and focus
❌ Optimizing your platforms

❌ Customer acquisition and service

❌ Customer engagement and retainment

❌ Outlive trends to remain evergreen
❌ Reaching your audience effectively

❌ Establishing expertise and authority

This destination intensive is right for you if your business needs improvement in the following areas:

Alecia has been creating and executing business intensives, tech events, and masterminds for the better part of a decade.

She will assist in creating successful meeting, focus groups, and providing hands-on business expertise. She will help lead in group discussions along with Q & A’s.

Alecia will be your go-to-guide for marketing, strategy, and brand messaging.

Our Guest Speaker

Alecia May -Event Coach and Strategist

before the mastermind

at the mastermind the nitty gritty

welcome dinner

We’ll get started on your business transformation before you even board the plane. I’ll be speaking with each individual participant one-on-one before the event to learn more about you and your business goals.

You will receive a workbook to fill out to better prepare yourself as well as myself and my co-host before reaching Marrakech. I’ll also hold a group call before the event to help address any questions about the event and for everyone to get to know each other before the intensive.

We will spend three days discussing you and your business approach with an optional 4th day for Q & A or spent discovering Marrakech.

Lectures on topics including business strategy and growth, social media and Internet marketing, and business finances and wealth development will be followed by roundtable style discussion where each and every individual will have the chance to discuss their business goals and challenges and receive
direction from
Elizabeth and Alecia.

We will be available all day at the event site to answer any and all question you may have about your business, in addition to the guidance received daily during the first three days.

We will be hosting a welcome dinner at the event site on October 10th, 2019 for you to get to know us and other Business Intensive Marrakech attendees as well as brief on what to look forward to!

Marrakech Mastermind Agenda 

I'm ready, sign me up!

Day One:

Through a series of discussions, roundtables, and workshops--day one will focus on the overall positioning of your business.

From the inside out, we’ll uncover your personalized strategic approach to understanding your business model.

Topics covered on Day One include:

• Optimizing your business model
• Exploiting your competitive advantage

• Analyzing your business strategy for growth
• Positioning you as an expert and leader in your industry

• Explore ways to strategize your way through roadblocks

• Identify what makes your brand message unique

The day begins at 9am-noon with educational material and is followed by application.
From 1pm-5pm we’ll begin the creation of your action plan, specific to your business.

Remember, where not just going to talk about what needs to be done, we’re going to do it.

Marrakech Mastermind is all about the follow-through. 

Day two:

The second day of your Mastermind is about the core. The “why” behind your business and brand message.

You will connect your passion and story to the brand and learn how to translate it across all marketing domains.

From content creation, social media, websites, and sales--Day Two will help you find and share your “why” with your target customer. 

Topics to be covered include:

• Where are how to create added value for your customers

• Online marketing strategy that converts

• Expanding your online presence to reach your audience and increase sales

• Marketing tools your competitors don’t want you to know

• Techniques that will close the sale...every time

Day three:

On the third day, there was a vision! Day Three of your Mastermind will highlight the big picture.

We dig into budgeting for success, online vs. offline marketing, and how to expand and represent a unified brand across all platforms.

Here’s what to look forward to on Day Three:

• Business budgeting and wealth building strategies of high net worth individuals

• Understand how to use your profits for long-term wealth building

• Discover where exactly your customers are and how to optimize that specific platform

• Wrap up and review of material from all 3 days

Day four:

Whatever you’ve left unsaid, unthought, or un-strategized...Day Four is when to leave it all on the table.

Surrounded by entrepreneurs and experts, this will be your chance to iron out all the wrinkles.

Take advantage of the material and professionals among you.

My team and I will be available for Q & A or you can take the day off and reflect on the transformative tools you've earned while walking the colorful and festive streets of Marrakech.

Who This is For?

what is included

what is not included

⭐ Business owners and entrepreneurs who are seeking to learn about and apply business strategy, marketing, online marketing, and money management and wealth creation.

⭐ People who want to do the work to achieve their business goals.

⭐ Those who are willing to share their business concerns and challenges with the group.

⭐ Individuals seeking to validate business ideas and strategy.

⭐ Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to walk away with a plan specific to their business.
⭐ Those who are interested in participating in learning activities as opposed to lectures only.

⭐ Three Day Event (Fourth Day Optional)

⭐ Beverages and Food During the Event

⭐ Photo Shoot (Hair and Makeup Included) for the First Ten People to Sign Up

⭐ Pre and Post Event Individual Calls with Elizabeth

⭐ Action Plan Workbook

❌ Airfare

❌ Accommodations

❌ Food Outside the Event


-One hour one-on-one phone follow-up with Elizabeth.

-The first ten individuals will receive a free professional branding photoshoot including hair and makeup.
(You will need to extend your stay a few days).


What clients are saying

Steffi Baker

I've collaborated with Elizabeth on my personal branding and business idea and she has been able to help me achieve an elusive goal, gaining clarity. She gives concrete, real world advice grounded in her many years of experience. There’s a reason why she works with some of the most successful business people in the world. None of this "invest in yourself and hand over $20K to create your instant million dollar business" mentality here. Her heart is really in her work, particularly with people who are creating online businesses. She's a tireless advocate for me being my best self. Highly recommend, especially if you're tired of the usual FB BS.

Amanda Scocozzo

I have followed Elizabeth for some time, and decided to invest and move forward with coaching. She was everything that I could ask for and more. She helped me see the missing pieces and throughout the process was extremely supportive.

I highly recommend working with Elizabeth if you are looking for strategy, clarity and support.

Moe AbdelAl

I’ve followed Elizabeth Sinclair’s content for sometime. Her words speak volumes and holds massive truth.You see so many online claiming the shiny objects and almost promise you that what they do is the money maker, the 7-8 figure programs. Then I found Elizabeth Sinclair and had a deep conversation with her that completely.

The next time you need to consult or being coached on business, coming from a business coach, don't think about it and talk to Elizabeth Sinclair. if you don't believe me, try it yourself.

1- Changed the way i see my company unreal thoughts about business. 
2- Bluntly crushed those
3- Gave me the confidence in my ability

Megan Hibar

In the online space, it's very easy to get lost in the haze and confusion of who actually knows what they're talking about and who doesn't.

I can say that one of the most honest, forthright, and intelligent person I've come across is Elizabeth Sinclair. I learned more from her in a little over an hour tonight than I have in multiple courses and group programs combined.

I just have to give her a shout-out as the absolute real deal. 


About Marrakech

Marrakech, the unofficial cultural center of Morocco, is known for the winding alleys of its medina, its palm tree-lined parks, and entertainment found in its main square, Djemaa el Fna.

Marrakech is known to stimulate the senses with the scent of exotic spices in the air, dancers and musicians performing on the streets, and vibrant colors found in the shops, art and architectures of this spectacular city.

Marrakech was built by the hands of entrepreneurs. Many of them passing down a trade from generation to generation building a home for their family’s and a city that inspires the world.

To become a Mastermind in Marrakech, is to understand and absorb the very essence of our own businesses, why we’ve started them, and how to grow and protect them for years to come.

What is there to do in Marrakech other than the mastermind?

Want to take full advantage of this beautiful city?

Here are my personal recommendations of the city’s finest activities. From culture to comfort, get your fill on all the colors, spice, and hidden luxury surrounding you



The architecture of Marrakech has some of the most romantic influences including French, Spanish, and Arabic. Moroccan cuisine has also flourished from these flavorful influences.

 Royal Mansour and La Sultana, do an amazing job at displaying both.

You can always visit one of the many hammams in the city to get a massage or scrub down as you have never experienced before.

Enjoy a relaxing and exotic spa, soak in a tub with floral oils, or enjoy the hotel’s activities like painting and pottery at the Beldi Country Club.(outside the city) Or, closer to the Medina, check out Le Bain Bleu. 


For the international traveler, museums are a must! Incredible lands journeyed to Morrocco to conquer its beauty and abundance.

Morocco stands strong today and wears it’s past with pride. See history unfold at Museeysl Marrakech or get a glimpse of its modern art at Maison de la Photographie.


Naturally, you’re going to want to shop.

Marrakech is also well-known for its colorful clothing (traditional and modern), unique carpet designs, and crafts. Many of the small shops in the maze that is the Medina, sell stunning jewelry as well.

 While there are many bargains to be found throughout the Medina (bring those haggling skills) Marrakech also offers some higher end shopping experiences as these articles describe:

There truly is something for everyone, and if you stay long enough you can do it all!

I encourage to get out there and soak up all Marrakech has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Marrakech Safe?

Are accommodations expensive?

Other than accommodations, is Marrakech expensive?

On a trip to Marrakech this past January with five other people there were zero incidents. We all felt very safe. Of course, you should always exercise caution when traveling.

Marrakech is visited by thousands of tourists each year. Exercise common sense precautions and enjoy yourself.

I found Marrakech to be one of the least expensive cities I’ve visited and I’ve traveled to dozens of countries.

Marrakech was named by Forbes last year as one of the most inexpensive places to travel.

Riads, traditional Moroccan homes with a garden or courtyard, are very inexpensive and often stunning. You can always live it up if you wish at the more expensive hotels.

During the pre-call, we can talk about roommate situations if you wish.

Unlike some major cities that I have visited such as Tokyo and London where it seems you cannot escape the costs, Marrakech is affordable.

Meals are inexpensive as are taxis.

As for shopping prices are often low and even lower if you have great haggling skills.

Payment Options

early payment option:

normal payment option:

Pay before April 1st, 2019 - $3999USD

Pay before September 1st, 2019 - $4999USD

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